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Hey There

My name is Emma! I am a Junior at GVSU, Photographer for the City of Rockford, and local Grand Rapids photographer with a passion to create photos that tell a story and give people something to smile about. I love to capture beautiful moments in nature as well as take portraits. 

All About Me

Ever since getting my hands on my first point and shoot camera, I have been captivated by the power and art of photography. Being able to see the world differently and capture every unique moment in time has given me so much joy that I realized I could share with others. Since getting my first "real" camera for my sweet 16, I haven't put it down. Between catching pictures of birds in my backyard, capturing architecture in Chicago, or documenting an important time through senior photos, photography has become my passion.

My future goals consist of graduating with a Photo degree from GVSU as well as continuing my own business. I would love use my passion of photography to make a difference through wildlife conservation, (The dream job is Nat Geo!). While I work towards that dream, I find joy in using my passion for others in my community. 


I would love to document your moment, big or small. 

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